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I can't think of a millennial that would be caught dead with a Hotmail account.

However, I do agree it's age. Probably advanced age rather than young age.

The real problem is that we are allowing "AI analysis" to allow people to discriminate upon something (Hotmail ownership) which we would NOT allow people to discriminate on (age, in this instance) outright.

Car insurers are allowed to discriminate by age...? As I’ve aged out of college, my rates have gone down quite a bit.

I guess one worry is that you have multicollinearity, you might get a “double counting” effect on the same signal. But, you should be able to see that in a proper model.

Car insurers have to place everybody in the same age group into the same bracket by default. They can't penalize for something unrelated to actual historical performance of the individual situation(like type of car, zipcode, etc.).

The danger with allowing these kinds of "AI" models is that they will become instances of parallel construction: "We don't want to insure people who are <X>, so construct a model until it coughs up a surrogate to <X> at a 95% probability."

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