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I still log into my old Hotmail account every few months just to keep it from getting deleted. It’s a complete piece of shit, it’s not even usable let alone comparable in any way to gmail.

If it's a complete piece of shit, why do you want to prevent it from being deleted?

In my case, I've maintained old email addresses when:

1) A website ties accounts to email addresses and doesn't allow changing them, and

2) the email provider recycles expired addresses, i.e. a new user could sign up for my old address.

For historical reasons, in case there were ever some account on some rarely used service where I forgot to change the email, and in case I ever need to build something on the MS Graph API.

maybe he has a forward to a usable email account.

Are you using outlook.com? How is it a complete piece of shit? Microsoft improved it quite a bit. It’s different than Gmail, but far from awful.

I find outlook.com aka hotmail vastly superior to cluttered gmail, are your sure you even tried it?

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