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A History of the Erlang VM (2011) [pdf] (erlang-factory.com)
104 points by Tomte on Jan 23, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

  88-05-27 Changed name of file to erlang.pro
  First major revision started - main changes
  Complete change from process to channel based 
  here we (virtually) throw away all the
  old stuff and make a bloody great data base

  88-05-31 The above statements were incorrect much better
  to go back to the PROPER way of doing things
  long live difference lists

Big change lasted four days :)

Does anyone know any more of the details about why backtracking was rejected?

Wow. They started writing it in 1885. What took them so damn long?

Could you please not post unsubstantive comments here?

Steam-powered brass analytical engines were very substantial. Or would have been. As it is, they were insubstantial: very virtual indeed.

That explains why they had to use a virtual machine, real life computing machines had not been invented yet.

Tell that to Ada Lovelace

They had some problems with the Delorean.

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