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I'm still not sure I understand. While most of those companies are owned by "The big three" they act as independent companies.

Even if this is something to be worried about, I'm not sure there is anything that could/should be done about it. People like these brands and the products they make and thats why the sell 80% of all soda.

Maybe we should be cognizant of the fact, and it is possible that is all you were saying, but anything beyond that I'm not sure is a good idea.

Just my ramblings.

There was an article a while ago about the Coca-Cola company putting pressure on one of these "independent" companies to change it's labeling. They wanted to say "zero high fructose corn syrup" or some such which Coca-Cola management thought was a bad idea. If they had been truly independent then the conversation over packaging would have not come up.

Anyway, the value of independent organizations is bad ideas are less likely to propagate between them.


Honest Tea is the name of the smaller company.

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