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Resources for Learning about .NET Internals (mattwarren.org)
131 points by matthewwarren on Jan 23, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

Are there any "awesome lists" on Github that are actually curated like this? Most wind up being giant piles of links... maybe it's time for a new term for a list with some additional ratings/rankings/reviews added.

> Are there any "awesome lists" on Github that are actually curated like this?

Good question, I've not found one for '.NET Internals', that why I wrote the post.

But in general, it would be nice to know about more 'curated' lists, I've found that giant piles of links stop being useful after a certain size!

Mind that there are even more gems hidden inside .NET e.g. modopt/modreq or Constrained Execution Regions.

Oohh, thanks for those, you've given me more things to go off and learn about!

I've been blogging about this for longer than Sasha Goldshtein (if his blog is the evidence), see e.g.:


I'm no longer super-interested in .net internals though.

Thanks for the link, I'll add your blog to the list

(I guess I'm (sadly) biased towards newer blogs, as I've only been digging into .NET Internals for the last few years.)

No worries at all. I used to work on the Delphi compiler's .net target, so I know many details of the internals from 2.0 to about 3.5 or so and blogged about them a bunch, though with a Delphi bias.

"All Your Base Are Belong To Us" and "Andrey Akinshin’s blog" do not link to anything (but _are_ clickable).

Thanks for spotting that, I've just updated the post to have the proper links

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