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Exploring permutations and a mystery with BSD and GNU split filenames (lorainekv.com)
19 points by kawera on Jan 23, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

"In fact, I vaguely remember splitting large files into smaller ones with numerical filenames, which I prefer. I also remember not having to worry about suffixes in the past. But numerical filenames didn't seem to be an option with split installed on Mac OS X - there was no mention of it in the manual."

If splitting by line, BSD csplit can output numerical filenames.

     wc -l file
     csplit -s -n 4 file '/$/' '{3998}'
     ls xx????

Instead of

  for n in {1..456977}; do echo a >> input.txt; done
you could do

  yes | head -n 456977 > input.txt
On my system the latter is ~500 times faster.

If you ever come across this comment, author, note that to some of your readers this renders as a very long, but entirely blank, page.

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