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Pfft. "root on your box" is so last week.

Here at TripAdvisor, we give engineers root on EVERY box.

I'd add "modulo the live site", but when I needed that, it was made available.

I think of this as the computer equivalent of the HP story of one of the founders using an axe to break into a storage closet so engineers had access to equipment over the weekend.

(blah blah blah we're hiring blah blah blah)

> Here at TripAdvisor, we give engineers root on EVERY box.

Good god, I don't even want root on every box. If I've got root on something, that means I'm responsible for it. I don't want to own that many resources, because then I have to worry about them.

When I saw the "we're hiring" comment I went to check out your site.

I'm sorry to say but your careers section is pretty horrible.

Your About Us page is blank: http://www.tripadvisor.com/careers/chronicle


Learn about us in 30 seconds


More about us ...

on the right side that seem like they should be links but they aren't.

Your jobs page: http://www.tripadvisor.com/careers/jobs

is the standard outsourced and absolutely terrible job database search.

No offense intended but based on your career section alone I would never apply there. I might apply if I met people at a networking event and they convinced me but definitely not based on your site info.

You're totally right.

In fact, we have a project underway to try to make it suck less.

Having said that, if you're anywhere nearby, drop me a line and just come in for lunch. It'll be more compelling than any jobs page we could put up.

I'm in Montreal, definitely not nearby. I'm not looking for a job either I'm just a nosy person. =)

I'll take a rain-check though in case I do someday end up in Newton.

Here at TripAdvisor, we give engineers root on EVERY box.

Ugh. I understand the principle of empowering developers, but some basic security would be nice...

I thought Tarsnap would be handing out S&W Model 500s as corporate swag for internship applicants.

At least seems like that kind of place from the outside: jail yard metal table, BSD boxen, a Colombian silver Peso, K&R and Plauger, bottle o' jack, dot-matrix printouts of kernel panics, cute unmentionables left by last night's mistaken young thang .. "This is Tarsnap, Asok. You can break hearts but you can't break servers."

Yeah, I wonder who cleans up after this. The guy who has root "just because we give it to all developers" and makes a mess and seriously breaks the production site is most likely not the person you want cleaning it up when time is of the essence.

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