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Show HN: Connect to Your Data, Clean, Wrangle, Combine, Explore, Publish (stagraph.com)
32 points by fasteRstat 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Hi. This project was presented one year ago. But today it is a complete new tool for work with data. Using visual interface you can use R features without coding. Useful for beginners in areas such as data wrangling and data visualizations. Program transforms your actions in interface into R scripts. Now with freemium licensing.

How are you dealing with the GPL license that R has? Don't you have to open source this since it contains R?

Not trying to be a jerk but we have R integration with our product and it's a pain.

I don't modify or close the R. Stagraph and R are independent apps. My app only sending R scripts via R console. Similarly like it is in other commercial apps.

Any alternatives for macOS?

I only know about open source Deducer (http://www.deducer.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Main.PlotBuilder)

or more broadly Tableau, Spotfire for data visualization and Trifacta for data wrangling

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