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This is why I hope, really hope, that bitcoin or some crypto currency becomes a stable value store, pushing people away from the likes of Gold, diamond. Almost all these resource based value stores are exploited - gold, diamonds, oil, animal skins, etc. There seems to be no end in sight to check the illegal ways of extracting these resources, since the profits are so high. The only way ,in my head at least, to check the illicit activities is to shift that value to something else which is not amenable to such exploitative extraction.

Not sure what you mean by exploitive, but electricity is also usually rough on the environment.

True but we don't hear such atrocities committed in producing electricity. I am talking of large scale human exploitation not just the environment. Though I must admit the coal mining is heavily exploited in poorer countries.

Ever heard of mass forced migration for hydroelectric projectsa and air pollution in cities from coal burning causing asthma

Forced migration != slavery, forced prostitution and mercury poisoning of drinking water. Yes, I am well aware how electricity generation degrades the environment, but there is a ray of hope that renewables will kick in and take some or most of that degradation away. I don't see such a line of sight for the issues raised in that article.

Yes, if you don't hear about it, you can be comfortable that it doesn't exist.

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