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I'm David Recordon and head up our open source programs at Facebook. I'd like to point out Jeff Verkoeyen's comment about where this specific piece of code came from. http://developers.enormego.com/view/what-happened-common-cou...

Back in February a developer outside of Facebook sent a GitHub pull request which included this pull to refresh functionality. At the time we believed that the developer wrote the code themselves and thus didn't realize that it actually came from Shaun's open source library EGOTableViewPullRefresh. I'm sorry that we messed this one up. Three20 has over a dozen different contributors (http://github.com/facebook/three20/blob/master/AUTHORS) and we try really hard to give credit where it is due.

As for fixing this, the code clearly came from EGOTableViewPullRefresh and we're updating the four file's within Three20 to directly reflect that and link back to Shaun's project. This patch will be pushed to GitHub shortly.

While it isn't the most well known address, please always feel free to email opensource@facebook.com or me directly at davidrecordon@facebook.com.

Thanks for the quick and classy response.

Minor nit: the code didn't come from Tweetie 2. The idea and first implementation did.

You're right, thanks!

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