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My apologies if I wasn't clear enough.

The comment (which is what I linked directly to) came from the writer of the actual blog, who is one of the main developers for the Mongo DB PHP driver. http://www.snailinaturtleneck.com/blog/about/

So I would take it with far more than a pinch of salt.

Yeah well somehow the link doesn't redirect to the actual comment so we see just a blog entry; and now the 900% comment got rotated out from the entry page.

Thank you, you seem to have corrected the title of your submission.

Still I'm not sure such thing is worth posting to HN at all. Little technical value, just spreading the information that somebody is not satisfied with something. This is what I call "emotion flush". Do we really care?

Please note I'm not attempting to bash specifically you but rather thinking of improving general quality of HN links.

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