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If you have the right job for the tool... these tradeoffs should make a lot sense.

Right ... but the rise of NoSql is predicated on the 'fact' that RDBMS's can't perform near as well as NoSQL stores.

But it seems like the claim made on http://www.mikealrogers.com/2010/07/mongodb-performance-dura... that with an in-memory version of Postgres "once you turn off the log and all the durability it’s neck and neck with MongoDB write performance" ... might not be so far off the mark.


With equivalent OS interaction, and no JOINs/seeks, the RDBMS could actually be faster, as there is no overhead of storing the name of every col in every record.

I still like MongoDB though. During dev it's nice to not have to worry so much about schema, run ALTER, etc.




What possible benefit justifies writing the code to be little-endian only? Why on earth would anyone do that?

It's not a trade-off if there's no upside.


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