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Show HN: Triangulart – Isometric graphic editor, like pixel art with triangles (maxwellito.github.io)
95 points by rabyss 12 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 28 comments

This looks like https://www.marmoset.co/hexels/ (which is awesome)

Yeah, I immediately thought of Hexels too, which already has had a community and lots of artwork done with it for a few years.

I'd suggest having a few examples of artwork and screenshots in this landing page, it's very dry for an art creation tool.

Consider mapping right-click to erase or draw with a secondary color. MSPaint had this feature and it was ideal for "pushing around" pixels. I've sorely missed this functionality in most pixel art tools.

Aseprite has it :)

Doesn't work for me, just a blank screen.

Firefox seems to not like my hack on 'location'. There's a PR to fix it but I can't review it atm :-S

Is there a way to align the grid vertically? It's much easier to draw buildings etc if you can have vertical lines

Click on the 'orientation' label in the creation form ;)

This is really nice. Much nicer than the plotter apps I've tried to use recently. Lots of attention given to UX details. I needed something like this with square cels recently. The best web app I could find was kind of terrible. You couldn't save, and it slowed to a crawl after a hundred pixels or so.

Why does the dropper tool not let you pick an already used color?

So when I was doing stuff with it, I realised I don't wanted to save in my palette all the color I used for the illustration. So add colors to the palette has to be a manual action from the user. But Im open to suggestions, you're not the first and not the last to complain about it :) [some people find it extremely confusing]

Similarly, I once wrote a triangular maze generator https://www.khanacademy.org/computer-programming/triangle-ma...

Would be great if there were a few samples available to load right off the landing page..

Let's see what people will people will post on Twitter. Then I could fix that. Even make it canvas preloadable.

A minor suggestion: give more buttons in the UI `pointer: cursor` and hover states; it will be easier to see when a click will actually do something (thinking in particular of the black bar of icons at the bottom of the page).

Oh yes, that's a silly miss from me :-O Thanks!!

Something like this could have a lot of use for the creation of quilt patterns.

Cool.. could you make it so command+click deletes the cell?

You can select, then press 'backspace' on your keyboard. That should do the trick :)

Hmm.. that's not working for me on a mac. I can select a single triangle? option/command + click would be quite convenient vs select each individual cell... since you could drag to erase.

XOR-like behavior for the draw tool without any modifiers would work as well.

It loads a blank page for me when I start a new canvas.

Your ad blocker might need to be disabled. I also had the same problem, but it worked after adding an exception for the page in uBlockO (the extension icon did not indicate that anything was blocked, though).

Had that problem on my first try in Firefox 57. It worked after reloading the page once.

Any examples of interesting drawings drawn with this tool?

Cool! Thanks!

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