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Show HN: WhereToBuyCrypto.co – Straight and to the point no chaser (wheretobuycrypto.co)
14 points by scottatmu on Jan 18, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Project: WhereToBuyCrypto.co

WTF Did I Build It: Honestly, for selfish reasons. I'm in tons of crypto private chats and follow a good number of crypto Twitter people, and on a daily basis would see suggested cryptocurrencies to look into. Problem is that not all coins / tokens are available on every exchange and finding out this information was time consuming. Thus I created WTBC.

WTBC is straight and to the point. Enter in the cryptocurrency name or symbol and the website will spit out all the exchanges it is currently available on.

Again, since this really was for my personal use I tried to make the design as simple (and plain) as possible.

But now I'm turning to the HN community to help me take my selfish personal project to the next level. What can I do to improve WTBC that would make it easier for you to use?

You've found a nice focus with this search engine: the relationship between a currency and the exchanges which trade it.

Don't dilute the engine's purpose with "reviews of exchanges," etc. Instead, exploit the relationship to it's fullest potential.

Two ideas for you: * Currencies "coming soon" to an exchange * Volume on exchange by currency * Decreasing trade volume on exchange warning by currency

Thanks for the awesome suggestions.

Coming Soon - On my list Volume - On my list now! Decreasing Trade Volume - any suggestions on how to notate it?

You're just a few steps away from building an arbitrage platform.

Why not create a spin-off site and make arbitrage trading easier for people?

Interesting idea. Could actually build that semi-inside this website as well.

no xrb?

It is listed ... https://www.wheretobuycrypto.co/cryptocurrency/xrb-raiblocks... ... were you having trouble finding it on the website?

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