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An open letter from the Perl6 to the Perl5 community (perl.com)
9 points by ribasushi 12 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

I find it interesting that the author of the letter which is a high profile person in the Perl community openly admits to never standing behind the "sister languages" meme and that it now has come full circle from replacement version -> sister language -> replacement version.

Another interesting point:

Does this really boil down to Larry? If he more or less abandoned Perl 5, with the intention to create the next version, but it turned out to be a completely new language. Is he right to insist that it is called Perl 6? Is he still the project lead aka BDFL of Perl 5? If not, can we just call the next version of /usr/bin/perl Perl 7?

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