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Founders at Work is a good book of web startup case studies. Are there others?

What I really want is a place where people who run web startups post, "here's something I did to improve my product" and "here's something I did to reach my market" with specifics about their product and market. That's how I could build a mental database of "chunks".

HN is often too high-level (acquisitions, financing) or too low-level (programming techniques) and not right at that chunk level.

Mixergy often has highly actionable information based on the interviews that Andrew does. If you find interviews that are relevant to your industry/product/vertical, they can be really helpful.

Thanks. I try to model my interviews on JL's work.

The "Traction" podcasts by Gabriel Weinberg are very good.


They have real discussions of what people did to get their business going.

I strongly encourage you to bridge out beyond just "startup" media. It's not as if the idea of beginning a company from nothing is a new concept these past 5 years.

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