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Show HN: Noticeable – Easily keep your audience updated on what's new (noticeable.io)
50 points by lpellegr 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 25 comments

This is how the page looks for me on first load in FF Nightly 59.0a1 (2018-01-16) (64-bit): https://imgur.com/RME3NZA.

Console prints error: SyntaxError: expected expression, got '<' webcomponents-hi-sd.js:1

Works fine in Chrome but IE and Edge have the same blank page issue.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

For FF it seems due to a service we are using (hotjar). We have pushed a new version that removes it. If you clear the cache and refresh the page it should work with FF.

We are investigating for IE and Edge. Could you please share the versions?

Same result (blank page) in Nightly after cache clear.

Correction for Edge - it does work, just takes a second for the page to appear.

IE is 11.125.16299.0.

That's weird. We will perform more testing on Windows. Thanks again!

We identified a problem caused by LastPass. If you use the extension and want to browse our website, please disable the extension. We've contacted LastPass support.

In Safari 11.0.3 it's a blank page as well. Just a blue bubble in the bottom right hand corner, no console errors

"Every Changes Matter(tm)", is there a reason you've written this as opposed to "All Changes Matter" or "Every Change Matters"?

Grammatically, it should be “Every Change Matters.”

I’d also recommend staying away from “All Changes Matter.” At least for me, that brings to mind Black Lives Matter / All Lives Matter a little too much.

As an opposed view, I didn't do that connection at all.

Thanks. This is fixed!

No reason, except my bad spelling. Thanks for pointing out.

I see the Zapier integration and I'm wondering why I would use noticeable as opposed to managing the timeline in Google Sheets and using Zapier to chain actions to other sites?

That's a really good question.

Here are some answers:

- The smart widget that displays updates in context (your website) - The possibility to collect emails from the Timeline - Posts filtering - Markdown formatting - SEO friendly URLs

Soon we are going to:

- provide Zapier Templates for most popular integrations - send Weekly or monthly reports and reminders - collect user reactions and feedbacks from the Widget and the Timeline - ...

Below is the link to our roadmap if you are interested in:


For sure, if you have time and money for building these features, then the service is not a good fit for you. What we provide is an all-in-one solution to easily keep your audience updated.

Beautiful, this hits a need for me. A decent changelog is something that has been on our backlog for weeks but was never quite important enough to invest the engineering time ourselves. Not only that, it's better than our specs and cheaper than doing it in house.

Thanks! Let us know if you have any questions or need help for using the service.

All the value you provide is made redundant by copy pasting a bunch of your formatting and hosting it in-house. And the cost is fairly steep cost for the small amount of value. I’m not sure there’s a viable business model here.

Edit: To clarify, it seems like you a bunch of other features as well tacked on. I don’t fully understand how they’re all related, but insofar as things such as customer relations and branding, these are things that typically the company should own itself and is unlikely to want to delegate.

You could say the same about uservoice.com

I'd very much like one place I could monitor everything I use for changes.

This is smart. Kind of like StatusPage.io, but for your changelogs.

Thanks for your kind words!

I use the free tier of Headway (https://headwayapp.co/) for this. Works well.

I used Headwayapp in the past too. However, they take ages to implement what users ask for. Noticeable seems to already have most of the requested features. Also, the roadmap looks promising.

The premise is compelling!

Curious how you set the API call pricing tiers. It seems like this would not be contacted more than several times a day by builds and direct traffic would be free. I can’t imagine 500k calls unless I was serving your data uncached in a client app, but maybe that is a popular use case.

Thanks for your reply.

API calls refer to the number of requests that reach our servers. It includes requests when people visit a project Timeline, load Widget data but also requests sent to our GraphQL API and events received from or sent to Zapier integrations.

However, requests made while using the Noticeable website (https://noticeable.io) do not count against the quota. Also, as you mentioned, requests are cached by default by a first-class Content Delivery Network (CDN). All CDN requests are free of charge and do not count against the quota.

In other words, not only direct API calls counts but also indirect ones.

Your comment lets me think "API calls" is misleading. Do you think "requests" would help to clarify? or an on hover popup with the explanations above?

What are you using for the "word carousel" animations?

Hello foxhop. We use a customized version of a web component available on webcomponents.org. Below is the definition if you are interested in:


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