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corporations won

yes, they won the current round of games. 50 years is a long-ass time dog. nobody can see that far into the future. i'm actually more motivated to continue on my present course because of this type of attitude. see, if the things you do and say piss people off, you are touching on something... important or sensitive. i'm triggering some shit, and i'm going to keep it up. please, tell me i'm wrong and foolish. tell me i already lost. that's the battle i'm looking for. i got nothing but time.

i'm not exactly anti-corporate either. i'm anti-"the current crop of megacorps" mostly because i see them as my competition. impossibly tough competition. i love hard problems tho. i'm a scientist at heart. i want the money, but only if i can get it by being obnoxiously clever.

...or something idk just not boring and broken no point in living if you aren't fighting

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