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> the war isn't over yet fam. i'm just trying to reclaim my homeland. don't forget that the reconquista took 700 years. [...] its a big universe, i don't have to kill the beast to build a nice rural community in the countryside.

Hyperbole aside (lol Reconquista), if you prefer to live on an island, decentralization is 100% fine. But be warned: my grandparents lived a very hard life farming and toiling the fields. It's not as glamorous as it sounds. Hobbes' bon sauvage is illusory.

i didn't mean like a literal rural community (ok maybe a little). the internet is a big place in any case. i don't have to "win" to create a self-sustaining community of users, developers, and other creatives. my goal is to make it easier for people to play with silly mesh tech. it isn't like a super serious startup looking to make a million bucks. i mean, we'll try to make money if we can, but right now we're doing research and exploring ways to make decentralized stuff less stupid, because current-gen p2p is kind of shit tbh

we will probably fail, but its whatever at least we'll have learned something and had some fun along the way

> Hobbes' bon sauvage


Common misconception. Hobbes was the primitivist, not so much Rousseau.

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