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But you can host your own emails. You can't host your own Facebook page.

>But you can host your own emails.

Sure, as long as you don't actually want to email someone else. AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode, anywhere you might want to host your email server, they're likely already blocked by all the spam filters so you're never going to get through.

>You can't host your own Facebook page.

You can't host your own Gmail either, but you can host something awfully similar to Facebook while not being exactly Facebook.

I've been hosting my own emails for 8 years and haven't had any problems.

If you host something "awfully similar to Facebook" you can't communicate with Facebook users. If you host your own emails, you can still communicate with Gmail users. Surely you weren't intending that retort as a serious argument?

The second argument follows the first. If the first isn't true, then the second also isn't true and it seems you've been fortunate in that regard. But if the first is true (that spam lists block addresses from shared hosting providers), then you can email but not to Gmail. Sort of like hosting Facebook without communicating to Facebook users.

Seems like a solveable problem.

Why would I want to host my emails there? There are things like proper servers.

Gmail is just the webinterface to Googles mail, I can host the latter, while using the former with a proper client.

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