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Show HN: RockingPage.com – Find the best trending websites (rockingpage.com)
29 points by itrinity on Jan 16, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 17 comments

Very nice, it would be great if you added more filtering options (for example, I'd like to exclude anything with 'coin'), and generate RSS feeds with those filters.

Great job, now I'll go back into the rabbit hole you've created!

Thank you very much for your feedback. I am really glad you like our new tool :)

When I see things like this, I always wonder how the data is acquired. I have had many ideas in the past that I couldn't really go through with as they were data-bound. I am sure it would be preferred to be kept relatively under-wraps, but I'm still curious.

If anyone has any conjecture, or if itrinity would be willing to explain a bit, it would be greatly appreciated.

The author wrote in a comment below:

> the ranks are based on Alexa rank and FB shares

This make sense but only for websites that are actually shared in social media (assuming you also pull Facebook, Twitter, VK, etc).

For other websites with high traffic but with less shares, this does not work (adult websites, tools, etc).

Hello, one of the developers here. What you said is not quite accurate, as our ranking algorithm will still rate websites with high popularity/traffic (Alexa Rank) even with no facebook shares / referring domains or any other metrics. They will not reach such high positions, but they will be ranked.

Makes sense. Following this thread, what do you think would be a good ranking strategy besides Alexa rank and social shares?

Definitely backlinks, number of referring IPs/domains is very big indicator of website Authority.

Besides that, UX factors like bounce rate, session duration, etc. are very good indicators as well.

The sponsoring company is a keyword search tool. Not affiliated with them.

4 out 5 results are about cryptocurrency markets. So, it will be interesting see how was this actually built.

It seems that crypto is a really hot thing these days :) Actually, the ranks are based on Alexa rank and FB shares, so it should correlate with the real usage of these websites.


Its a little disconcerting just how many Crypto related posts have shown up on Hacker News lately, with the strong comments that come with it

Maybe its a good thing, who knows

Looks good! I will play a bit more with it to provide more feedback

Thank you!

It would be nice to be able to sort be alexa or fb.

Good point. We will consider it.

nice piece! I've already subscribed for a weekly newsletter!


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