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[flagged] Sketch Design System 1.0 (sketchdesignsystem.com)
97 points by jackm 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 23 comments

I'm excited about this (and all things Sketch-related), but I thought this was a product release from the makers of Sketch until I saw the disclaimer at the bottom.

$39 seems fair, though I'd rather see this as an open-source project that the community could contribute back to. According to the changelog, this is a v1 release and the website contains no statements about the $39 buying future updates for new features or updated versions of Sketch, which is disappointing.

Aside from a few screenshots, it would be nice to have a YouTube video demonstrating how it works in practice, in real-time, especially considering the terms stating: "As a customer you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any item from Sketch Design System".

I wouldn't buy it without more information, and knowing who is behind it. There's no "about" section on the website with a real person identified. The domain WHOIS data is a proxy service.

I'm pretty sure that this mixup is intended. This website trying to look like an official Sketch product so that they can capitalize on Sketch's successes.

This is... really poor. I went ahead and purchased the system to see what it entailed and while it is fairly thorough, it's nothing really unique nor does it provide ready-made components for use.

You're basically paying $39 for the file setup/template and expected to fill in the components or elements yourself. Essentially you have to do all the work anyway so you're better off saving the money and building your system on your own anyway. There isn't anything in the purchased file that is all that helpful unless you're an absolute product design noob with no understanding of how systems work (in which case you should do that research instead of purchasing anyway).

So, technically, this is not a "design system". Design systems provides code and implementation to use. I'm a developer at an agency that specializes in building design systems, and this system" is missing the key component--the code. I'll code up your design system if you send me an approved napkin sketch.

> I'm a developer at an agency that specializes in building design systems

Can you shoot me an email? Link's in my profile. Would love to pick your brain about a few things.

There is a ton of confusion around this right now, I've noticed.

I haven't heard the term "design system" in this context before. Can you give a definition or overview of what it is?

Maybe a good medium article :) This video here helped start coining the term: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hYOLLO2gc4

[edit] Invision beat me to it: https://www.invisionapp.com/blog/design-systems/ and also this site [probably the most comprehensive IMHO] lists lots of resources: http://styleguides.io/examples.html

Technically correct, this is a style guide template and not a complete design system. Good catch.

A $39 template? Went to the link hoping this would be a new cloud product made by Bohemian coding.

What do you think a template for professional design _should_ cost? How much time does this save people who actually do this work? I don't know. But the price here seems like an odd thing to latch onto. It probably doesn't cost enough to be interesting.

I'd liken this less to an out of the box solution and more like selling a webpack config where you still have to plug in all your own info. You can sell anything, but this is in that weird middle ground where if you're technical enough to configure it, you're technical enough to not need to buy the boilerplate.

Me too. I wish Bohemian were more agressive with the use of the Sketch name if it were called "Design system for Sketch" no confusion would be possible. In the long run it will deserve the product and the community.

I'm not really sure what I'm looking at here (although I'm on mobile). How is this different to something like the clarity.design template?

Clarity is a framework that comes with components ect.. Sketch is a design tool to easily create a styleguide for devs in that organization to follow.

Sorry, I should have been more explicit. I'm aware of what both products do. The guys from Clarity provide a Sketch template that contains the Clarity components & a bunch of mixins, but it's still just a (free) template for Sketch. Is this the same thing, just a template for sketch? A $39 one?

Not affiliated with the makers of Sketch?

Takedown notice will follow...

Looks similar to https://www.straple.co, but without the brand book / React component bits.

Wow, thanks for sharing this. I've been looking for something like that for a while now.

Am I missing something? I'd be interested in trying this out but I'm not going to make the plunge for a $39 Ux tool if I can't try it out. Is this just a demonstration of idea or a real product?

It's a premade template for sketch an app by bohemian coding. It's akin to a photoshop template, but a bit more dynamic by utilizing sketch symbols / nested symbols.

If it's not integrated with code it's not a design system.

I was hearing rumors of their design system costing $15,000.

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