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Peter Linebaugh in "Stop Thief" expands the argument and claims that the "globalized economy" is just another move towards enclosure, which results in the inevitable destruction of the resource by a mechanism over which the affected communities have no control. https://www.amazon.com/Stop-Thief-Commons-Enclosures-Resista...

That is an argument that probably could, and therefore should, be made without making it dependent on the tragedy of the commons being a fallacy.

Except that the critique of Hardin is that he actually inverts the cause of the tragedy. It should be "Tragedy of the Enclosures". The article argues that this inversion is what has allowed people to ignore the huge chicken which is just now coming home to various roosts.

The tragedy of the commons does not justify either the enclosures or its modern incarnation. That is the fallacy that the author should take on. To attack, instead, the notion of tragedy of the commons itself risks losing the argument on the grounds that, if you look more thoroughly, there is actually better evidence for it than the author is claiming.

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