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> I guess this is why Apple insists on owning the whole stack. The compatibility matrix becomes tractable.

This is how everyone used to build computers, PCs just became the outliers due to way things went with IBM/Microsoft.

Now with the all-in-one models, it seems even PCs are getting back to those days.

And? There's a reason why all those others died and PC survived.

There are many reasons, none of them was quality.

1 - Mismanagement from Atari, Commodore and others

2 - Microsoft deals with OEMs

3 - Pretty cheap Taiwan and Chinese parts, some of them with doubtful quality

4 - Windows piracy, alongside the cheap parts, allowed many small PC shops to thrive and offer nicer deals

5 - PCs were the majority of computers at work and school, so the only one parents saw as a good buy for their children future.

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