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Yes, Netflix is pretty bad when it comes to connecting to Chromecast

This is the exact opposite of my experience.

My Netflix app is extremely reliable with Chromecast. I had a period of unreliability when I switched to a new phone (Galaxy S8) that applued to Netflix as well as all other chromecast apps, but after an OS update it appears to be much better.

Well Netflix's android app is pretty bad period.

If you want to help make it better https://jobs.netflix.com/jobs/367

The implication of this comment is that the poor quality of Netflix's Android app is due to Netflix having been unable to access sufficient engineering talent to produce a better quality app. As an outsider that has experience developing software, I'm extremely doubtful that this is the case and am apt to blame it on executive-level prioritization almost out of hand.

Oh I didn't mean to imply that at all, I am sorry if that is how it came across. All software is imperfect. If there is software that you care about and want to make better and get paid to do so, that sounds like a potentially good fit.

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