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> once we get ai right, we won't need to solve any other problems...

Only if it is superhuman AI, we already have 'human' level AI and as long as that isn't enough there is no reason to believe that 'ordinary' AI will solve anything that we can't solve.

Human BI is constrained by biological concerns. It seems plausible to expect AI to be able to scale a lot better.

> we already have 'human' level AI

And you're able to say that with a straight face?

He/she probably meant the AI that is perfectly capable of understanding human sarcasm.

ps: explanation: AI is at best at simple insect level intelligence and sarcasm is especially challenging for "AI assistants"

There are about 7 billion examples of this so yes.

Getting AI "right" isn't defining what "right" is, only saying it's clever enough to do the job of designing the even more powerful ai for us...

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