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From what I can gather N64 uses a binarized OpenGL display list format for models: http://ultra64.ca/files/documentation/online-manuals/man-v5-...

But I'd bet most titles had their own formats to support vertex deformation and animation. (Anybody know any details?)

It looks like it'd be pretty fun to program the N64 GPU, with its "high-quality, Silicon Graphics style pixels" :) https://level42.ca/projects/ultra64/Documentation/man/pro-ma...

Most titles use one of the standard Nintendo-provided microcodes for the RSP (Reality Signal Processor, the programmable part of the graphics chip).

F3DEX2 ("Fast 3D, Extended, Version 2") is one of the well-documented ones and one of the ones used by most games. You can find a breakdown of the command stream here: https://wiki.cloudmodding.com/oot/F3DZEX

This viewer is actually an .obj model viewer, and has nothing to do with that. For something that's actually an F3DEX viewer online, I wrote https://magcius.github.io/model-viewer/#zelview/data/zelview...

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