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Feed Extinguisher: Removes FeedBurner from RSS feeds (vltf.org)
62 points by sdfjkl 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

This is useful, but while trying out the bulk extinguisher I stumbled across what may be the one case where it could be undesirable: some sites I follow have switched domains without warning. This went unnoticed before now because the Feedburner URLs redirected to the new sites, but it's possible that had I been subscribed to the direct feed URLs they would have simply broken.

Nice. :-)

I miss people offering easy to find feed links. Recently I've been building up my blogroll again (remember those?) and for lack of a better place I stuck it on the bottom of my home page. And for each one, I have a direct link to the RSS or Atom feed.

Nice tone, and nice stuff ! :-) RSS may not be dead, if we all encourage IRL users of social media around us to use them again, if we explain them again and again... It will pay, I'm confident ! :-)

Nice. Feedburner was nasty, even when it was still well-supported.

After your feed had been...err..."incinerated", it would work okay in a basic reader (sometimes), but god help you if you needed to do anything beyond displaying the basic text of the most recent articles.

Now that it's on EOL... (shivers)

And yeah, I still use RSS/Atom a lot.

Thank you! I just used this to clean up all but one of my feeds. If only the web had ended up as RSS, blogrolls, and good feed readers instead of "social." At least a few of us are keeping the dream alive.

Odd... CPU usage hit 100% on my machine when accessing this page (pale moon, linux mint/cinn 17.3, 32bit). Forced to close browser after my entire system bogged down. Re-started and had the same problem. With those tabs closed, I'm at 5% CPU usage.

A shame... a few other interesting articles on that blog but, for some reason, those pages don't play well on my current setup... Will have to try again on my other machine (at some point).

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