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Bitcoin Hero – Bitcoin Trading Game (bitcoinhero.me)
18 points by lauriswtf 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 16 comments

tldr: there is a lot of real-world variables missing from this

This is very inaccurate because the trades execute immediately. Very rarely are you able to actually execute a trade immediately.

That's true even in the stock market. Stock market simulators need to build in a slight delay to be accurate.

More often in bitcoin you are putting in speculative buy and sell orders at a fixed price and they execute as soon as someone is willing to sell/buy at that price. It could trigger in minutes or weeks (or never) depending on how the market moves.

Also, I'm not sure if the prices here are agregate accross multiple exchanges but in reality the book of orders needs to be deep enough in your exchange to actually execute the order.

If the deal is in another exchange you would have to transfer your coin to take advantage of it and at current network speeds by the time the coin gets there your deal will be gone.

>there is a lot of real-world variables missing from this

The most real world variable missing is taxes. In short coins held less than a year can be taxed at a 39% rate on the high end and a trade on a coin held more than a year is 20% (again on the high end). Even those numbers vary on the traders tax bracket (income).

It is significant, especially when you don’t know and the IRS audits you adding late fees, penalties and maybe legal fees.

It s only a game after all.

You could place a market order: buy at the lowest sell price in the order book. It's usually very close to the last trade price, making it a pretty decent approximation.

Many exchanges keep soft balances as far as I know so coins don't move until you attempt to withdraw. This prevents slow transaction times & high fees.

This is a fairly brilliant referral advertising scheme.

There's a bug: when I "invested" $1k and sold it at a +0.21% profit, I made $210 instead of $2.10 (basically, they forgot to divide 0.21% by 100 to get a multiplier; if only real-life was this easy haha) :D

The trades are on 10x leverage by default.

Even at 1x, the bug is present. Even still, 10x should give me $21.00, right?

Did you lever the trade?

The Leverage dropdown? I'm not sure what that is, but I've tried all four values (1, 2, 5, 10) and they all produce the same bug for me.

Do you have a delay in your prices? Where are you getting them from? People will watch the trends from gdax to cheat. I had that problem with my game. I wonder how to fix it.

I wonder if they are somehow following the trades of the best players on the real market.

with some kind of back-end access?

I think he means using the trade strategy of the best performing players in the game and replicating it on "real" exchanges.

Ah! Makes sense doesn't it!

However the trick is in accounting for trading costs and dealing with order execution, particularly if you are reliant on maker fees only to remain profitable.

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