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Show HN: I made a boardgame about cryptocurrency trading (kickstarter.com)
7 points by AlexMuir 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Are there any legal issues with using people's photos on the paper money? Especially the baby-meme on the $500 bill...

I also would love if you went more into your playtesting process.

I don't think so - it falls under parody/fair use and those are derivative sketches. If someone's going to really complain then I'll change it for production.

It is all about cryptocurrencies lately, so why not having a board game! Cool! :)

Looks interesting, but why Kickstarter?

Well, it's not cheap to produce and I can't see it being a huge seller in a bigbox store.

But why Kickstarter instead of an ICO?

I think an IBO (Initial Board Offering) would be more fitting.

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