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I think the obsession of many modern workplaces with “team stuff” is making things pretty hard for some introverts. If I could work (truly —- i.e. no interruptions at all unlesss something’s on fire) solo for a couple of days a week, I suspect I’d be a whole lot more sociable in the evenings...

Open office designs kill me worse than teamwork. It feels like I'm being bombarded with senses that I have to tune out to be productive but can only do that for a portion of the time.

No work from home option for you? Can't take Tuesday Thursday to get stuff done?

I do to an extent, and certainly appreciate it!

But it’s hard to disconnect completely when everyone else is at work. Having a corporate chat system doesn’t help in this regard, but even without that the interruptions come.

A couple of times last year I ended up doing a fullish day of work at the weekend for some or other urgent project. Now that I find amazingly productive, going on outright invigorating. Not something I really want to make a habit of though (family, plus no shortage of ideas for side projects).

I do dream of true team-of-one jobs...

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