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Wow, the UK is really embracing technology. You can do so much electronically though the Gov.uk website already, and you can even access your NHS medical record via a phone app. Being able to consume banking data via an API will no doubt open up a suite of more useful apps, that can help with managing budgets and planning for the future etc.

There's no such thing as an NHS medical record, every hospital/care centre keeps its own records. What app are you referring to?

This: https://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/online-services/Pages/gp-servi...

And yes there isn't a single database, but if you transfer to a different GP they will transfer your records from your old GP, and this app then let's you view them too.

The records amalgamation was one of those £10s-of-billions software project that failed to produce any output [other than great profits and some nice bonuses, I'd warrant] wasn't it?

That is in the past, it was a single project from 5 years ago, and I think the companies involved were investigated by the FSA. Nowadays NHS is pushing software initiatives more and more, see here: https://www.england.nhs.uk/digitaltechnology/info-revolution...

There's a thing called a summary care record which is in a central database: https://digital.nhs.uk/summary-care-records

There are still a lot of details siloed in individual organisations, though.

Yeh right then why cant Bedford send test results to Lister (Stevenage) 40 miles away at one point I was supposed to spend an entire day (by ambulance) going to Stevenage for 10 mins to have some bloods done then go back 3 days later for my outpatient clinic :-)

> Wow, the UK is really embracing technology

They did not have much choice. The deadline is before brexit.

This is an EU initiative, not UK.

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