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I think if you need to copy paste code from server to client you failed the separation of concerns. When is this useful, ever?

> something which is great for those wanting to right games that require the server to simulate them and the client to run them.

Also it's great for SSR.

Don't have to worry about if the join function has different signature per language.

Isomorphic JavaScript doesn't mean you spaghettify your front-end into your backend, that's an absurd thing to assume and assert is true. Yes, your front-end and backend can share npm modules, functions, and templates. This means your HTTP library is fetch or axios (basically, same API) rather than 2 different APIs). You don't have to write a jinga2 copy of your react modules for prerendering. You don't have to write your custom validation rule in 2 different languages. This is useful pretty often.

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