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Why is the team being formed? There must be specific needs, goals and timelines. That seems like it would be the primary driver. It sounds like you already have several choices all up to the task. You might burn several days trying to wedge the team into a decision. It could even get heated. So, unless you're looking to eval the temperament of your team members I'd just pick a pony and saddle up. If the tech lead is brilliant and only likes the chocolate doughnuts then you can give some extra deference but don't let a lead list the ship.

I would suggest looking up and down your entire stack with a good eye, too. Evaluate it from the outside. Even if it doesn't exist yet. Are there other operations to integrate with? Will selecting one or another affect its maintainability? What happens when turnover strikes?

If they're good enough they'll build with any tool. Pick one then see if your team can change your mind within two hours. Use the other five to get busy.

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