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fisherjeff on Jan 13, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite

This is about Medicaid, not Medicare (we should probably change the headline here).

So Kentucky has done some bad things with healthcare, but in this case, it’s a test on health habits and financial literacy to encourage people to study for them.

Was thinking more back to “poll tests” Jim Crowe days at first. This was not that. Just saying “literacy” was deceiving.

And what happens if someone can't pass them? They die because they can't get health care?

I believe it says they re-evaluate and give them more classes and also have an option for exemption (like if they just don't "get" the remediation.

Because the fact that it’s about health and finance means they definitely won’t make the tests horribly biased like the old literacy tests?

In this case the bias looks like it's intended to get people "literate" about subjects which would help them navigate life with a bit more solid footing, so the intent seems good. We'll have to look at the consequences and reevaluate the effort.

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