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I personally dislike python, but honestly if you're working as a team you work with what the team uses. If they really are such great programmers they should have no problem picking it up.

But if they have legitimate reasons for wanting to use something other than python, other than they hate it, give them the chance to explain themselves to the team and see if your team is willing to learn something new. It's always valuable having a team that can work in more than one language.

If none of them can come up with a better reason though. I see no reason not to go with your team's decision.

Sometimes the situation might be: 1. Choose what the less gifted team members are comfortable with and everyone might produce. 2. Let the gifted ones rule, they might do great things, but everyone else are not producing.

You might say that the gifted ones belong in another team, but as we know reality bites...

Ya that's one of those hard things to balance.

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