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Not sure if you're serious. So if you believe that, why haven't you already killed yourself? That would be the best you could do, right? Unless you have some plan to 'take out' others besides you. But I can't believe you really believe that.

Some people don't want to have children - this will of course lead to the entire human race shrivelling up into a crisp and going extinct! Reductio-ad-absurdum for the Lose!

You're right. The future belongs to the descendants of those who have children. But you're attacking a strawman by ignoring what he's actually replying to.

> That would be the best you could do, right?

No, the best I can do is continue living and convince as many people as possible to not have children. If I kill myself now, many more people might be created than if I die later. Natural reduction in population without resorting to violence is entirely possible. Open your mind to ideas that don't involve killing anyone.

I hope no one listens to such misanthropic suggestions. But at least you're being honest with the implications of your philosophy.

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