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Announcing Actix web 0.3 – A small, fast, pragmatic, async rust web framework
6 points by fafhrd91 42 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

I am happy to announce actix web - 0.3 release!

It is complete redesign of the actix web framework. It got a lot of new futures, like http/2 support via just release h2 create or better streaming support. A lot of performance related work has been done, actix web now as fast as raw hyper server on normal load and faster on pipelined load.

New user documentation has been added and a lot of examples. It can be used with diesel and redis.


* Supported HTTP/1.x and HTTP/2.0 protocols

* Streaming and pipelining

* Keep-alive and slow requests handling

* WebSockets

* Transparent content compression/decompression (br, gzip, deflate)

* Configurable request routing

* Graceful server shutdown

* Multipart streams

* Middlewares (Logger, Session, DefaultHeaders, CORS)

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