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Show HN: Improved My News App, Would Love Feedback (fastnews.me)
21 points by salmaanp 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 16 comments

Over the past year, I've become a bit wiser with some professional experience under my belt and thought of implementing the same idea with different technologies and using best practices, example: the previous version hosted on AWS had security policies set to everything open from everywhere and no SSL certificates. Yes, I've wised up now.

Would love any feedback, especially if you could do a quick code review on my Go and React code! React: https://github.com/SalmaanP/FastNews-Frontend-React Go: https://github.com/SalmaanP/FastNews-Backend-Go

For Comparison the previous layout:

It feels more like a news site than the first iteration. Is there a reason why you're set on having this being a JavaScript app? AMP seems to be pretty popular for news ATM, and that's kind of the opposite approach. Curious what your thinking is.

The bullet points summarization stuff is great. That's what I always look for on Reddit posts.

Its just a means of learning for me. Wanted to learn React and so got on implementing it on a project. I have looked at AMP and it's not hard to implement but that's not what I am going for.

Hey man, frontend looks fine, but I think some of your APIs are 404 now. There's also missing 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header error on some of the endpoints.

Keep it up!

Oh thanks, I need a better way to deploy the go web server, looking at monit and supervisord now.

Whicb api is that and how do you even check that? I did have cors enabled while developing since it was running off two different ports, could that be it?

The new UI is much nicer!

I'd prefer pictures, though.

Looks pretty good, there were a few design things that bugged me.

1) Setting your text to evenly space the words across each line makes for a terrible reading experience. Reading on mobile the amount of space between some words was painful.

2) I think this would look better if you aligned your margins on everything. Basically have an overall margin for the page and have everything run up right against it.

3) Get rid of the margin around the grey header on your content boxes and have everything in your content boxes an equal distance from the edge.

4) In two-column mode I'm seeing the left column is much wider than the right column and the content boxes are of differing heights. I think this will look better if you make all the content boxes equally sized.

Actually, I just tested again and now (on my Galaxy S6's landscape mode) it is showing three equal columns that break the page. The header no longer reaches all the way across the screen and the third column abuts the edge of the screen.

6) Align your menu button to the right and your title to the left.

5) In your menu I think your selection outline and your search bar should be the same width with aligned edges.

Great suggestions, thank you!

I actually forgot to write the two column media query, so I guess thats why it looks bad on landscape mode in phones and tablets.

The menu seems wonky I agree.

Nice, really fast and simple!

One thing which bothers me though is the whitespace in the rows. How about using css to collapse the white space like bootstrap4's card-columns:


Oh thanks, this is great! I didnt know this was so easy to implement.

It's cool, your folds are not tall enough to show the full headline or numbers sometimes. I think the content could be shortened or font size decreased until user asks for zoom. Overall very nice organization, style, boundaries, layout. Would like to see more focus on "broad view of all topics" and then "zoomed in detail of one."

Top bar needs some sort of color to draw the eye to the presence of fresh page content.

I think font size is ok, I will add an invisible scroll bar in case the text overflows in the title.

Can you give me an example of what kind of color and when?

Thanks for the feedback!

You can try experimenting with jQuery masonry plugin. It might make your layout even better. Just a hunch.

Yeah good idea, saw that design on many sites but didnt know what it was called until now.

Where to report bugs? E.g. some articles miss headlines.

Got it, thanks!

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