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He asked for source of multiple claims one of which was "Women found staying at home stifling".

But I also think that while some dads would be happy at home long term, just like some women really are, majority would have same problems then women at home do. However, the stigma of "it was your choice don't complain" etc could be even larger.

What's stifling about staying at home, and if you have kids, staying at home with the kids? Sounds perfect to me. Exactly what activities are you proposing someone would do in place of staying home that would be less "stifling"? Parks and hiking trails are nice, for one thing, which also happen to be more accessible in suburban or rural areas.

Stay, if you want and if you are that type of person. For me, going to work did the trick, that I would propose.

It is risk time for alcoholism and depression, statistically speaking. Social isolation, pretty complete. No external motivation to do anything, little chance to do things you like and even less to do them competitively. It just become all pointless. Loss of confidence. Lack of challenge, especially external challenge. Because your existence is pointless most of time. And people stop treating you as you and star treating you as generic mom. Complete routine, every day the same.

I mean, that book was pretty accurate.

And that hiking around becomes same old slooow quite quickly.

But really, if you have that kind of personality that is happy in such situation and just can't wait to hike with kiddo, go for it.

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