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Show HN: AI Recruiter (works-hub.com)
19 points by charliejrgower 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

I love this! When I think about what jobs AI should encroach on -- I don't think what jobs are easy to automate. I think, what jobs CAN'T be done well be humans. Recruiting is just too big of a graph for humans to traverse alone. This looks amazing!

It definitely makes sense for tech to do a lot of the heavy lifting. I actually think humans are critical for recruitment (having done plenty for my company), but I agree that there are aspects that humans will never be able to do at scale. Using AI that has access to so much publicly available data would vastly improve the industry. Good luck WorksHub, maybe your AI can help me find great staff!

Yeah, recruitment is such a good market for it, it's super important to improve user experience using AI.

That's aim - the staffing industry is crying out for innovation.

I'm unable to see anything on the home page on a mobile (android). The images are too small and the pinch zoom is disabled.

It says you are hiring at the bottom of the page but links to an empty angel list.

Hey - we are moving our careers page to a different site, sorry about that. We are hiring for

Clojure Developers, Front End JS Developer, Sales (NYC & London), Head of Growth Marketing

Drop an email to hello@works-hub.com if you are interested in having a chat.

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