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Ask HN: What problem that unsexy industries need to solve
13 points by visopsys 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments
Unsexy industries are those whom talented developers do not want to work for though they have competitive offer (mostly due to branding). Name your painful problem in these industries.

Please be specific as much as possible.

I'm assuming you're trying to find problems to solve so as to start a business. This seems like a fine thing to do. Your approach could be a bit better, though.

1. You're asking about "unsexy industries." The people who work in those industries might care quite a lot about their job, so your description isn't going to be appealing.

2. You're implicitly insulting any developer who works there, based on how you define such industries: you're saying they're probably not talented.

3. You're asking in the wrong place.

4. The term "sexy" is going to turn a bunch of people off regardless of where they work.

5. Your phrasing makes this sound like an exam or a test.

I guess "unsexy" means stablished industry not (yet) in Google, Facebook, Tesla, etc.. world domination plan.


I don't really understand what that means. Tesla is losing lots of money, not clear if they have a viable business model, whereas Google & Facebook are massively profitable behemoths.

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