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Hacker News equivalent for other fields
81 points by oldsklgdfth on Jan 12, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 35 comments
Is there a hacker-news-esque site for things like art, music or movie or other fields in general?

Reddit has a plenty of subs on these topics, but they seem quite noisey.

While reddit has a quite bad reputation, there are quite a few subbreddits which are heavily moderated and quite serious:

For example, /r/askhistorians requires that all answers be long form and cite peer-reviewed articles (no wiki, first person comments or pop-historians allowed).

Some of the tech subreddits there are much better than StackOverflow - for example, I get better answers on /r/rust than on SO.

/r/netsec is usually topnotch, by the way.

Don't forget about datatau http://www.datatau.com/

Basically a Hacker News clone for data science.

The links on the site are usually the "most trending" ones, so it's good for that, but I wish it had as much discussion as HN. For some reason I much prefer HN to reddit for discussion.

Is there a hacker-news-esque site for programmers? I look at the front page, see 90% articles about world events and trends.

Is there a filter already available for "articles with code" or is this a "spend an afternoon" project?

Try lobster.rs maybe?

I agree with this. Much more tech-focused. With a heavy rust/bsd bias though.

My email is in my profile if anyone needs an invite.

I think you made a slight typo, here's the real link :)


https://barnacl.es/ for 'News for bootstrappers, not VC hackers'

KnowledgeTrybe (https://knowledgetrybe.com) The focus is on Psychology, Creativity, History, and Learning. I'm still working on adding comments. Please let me know what you think about this. Would love to hear any feedback.

Interesting site, but I'd like to offer a suggestion.

In my opinion, a well-designed web site should pass the "someone linked me here and told me it was good but didn't say anything more about what it is" test. When I landed on your site, I felt it wasn't that easy to discover what it's about if I don't already know.

Even just adding a short sentence ("read about and discuss psychology, creativity, and more" or something) would go a long way, but having an "about" link I can find and follow might be good too.

FWIW, I think Hacker News also fails this test to some extent. It's possible to glean what the site is about from the Guidelines and FAQ links at the bottom of the page, but it doesn't really cater to that at all.

Thank you so much for your feedback. I will definitely work on that. This is the first time I'm sharing it outside of friends and family and it's great to get a fresh perspective. Please feel free to give more suggestions.

https://www.pprune.org/ Professional Pilots Rumour Network

https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/trending.php FlyerTalk

Not exactly like HN, but there's also StuckMic.com and pointSixtyFive.com for Air Traffic Control discussions.

Also gCaptain.com for Maritime News (occassionaly linked to by others here).

https://inbound.org/ for marketing.

Blogs, not quite hacker news style:

Seeking Alpha for equities

xconomy for pharma

econacademics for econometrics

Fermat's library for mathematical critique

Panda (http://usepanda.com) is pretty good for the fields of design, development, and entrepreneurship. It pulls from many different sites, including Hacker News.

http://write.narwhal.space/ for writing, you can request an invite on site (>login, >request one publicly) and I'll send you one

Do you know the admin there? I requested a login but still haven't gotten the confirmation email, and no one's on IRC.

Some emails don't work, I had the same problem therefore the admin (u/etc) added me via console. I contacted him via lobste.rs, if you have an account there msg him.

hackervid.io, like HN but for videos.


Source code: https://github.com/netgusto/hackervid.io

Real world tech forums for computer architecture.

Comp arch Google groups for.. well, computer architecture.

... or politics. Hacker News moderators become infuriated when there's too much 'political talk' and parent posts get [flagged] since this is considered naughty.

Intelligent political discussions off the police radar are 50% of the reason why I check this site everyday. I just don't get that level of discourse at the comment-level anywhere else.

Political posts get flagged because they are explicitly against the purpose of the site. From the guidelines, for the benefit of the readers who haven't read them:

"Off-Topic: Most stories about politics, or crime, or sports, unless they're evidence of some interesting new phenomenon."

Given that political stories get flagged fairly consistently, I would guess that the majority of readers here agree with that guideline.

Flagging is a majority vote?

Seriously, what's the actual mechanism behind a flagging? I always assumed it was a privilege of one with a high rep point count.

Please do not encourage more political discussion here.

I simply answered the parent question.

A tiny minority of my submissions and comments have been political.

I can't see how what you wrote answered the question in any way, or even attempted to. (p.s. I do sympathize with what you wrote about political discussion on here.)

Throwaway but, keep the politics OFF of HN.

HN content quality remains very high without the need for politics to creep in everywhere. If you want politics go elsewhere, not here.

Le Journal du hacker https://www.journalduhacker.net, basically a lobste.rs-like website for french-speaking FOSS community.

fractalforums for fractals

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