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HighwayHash: Fast hashing at over 10 GB/s per core in Golang (minio.io)
8 points by yarapavan on Jan 12, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

HighwayHash is a new and very fast pseudo-random-function (PRF) developed by Jyrki Alakuijala, Bill Cox and Jan Wassenberg from Google research. The algorithm takes a 256-bit key and computes 64-, 128- or 256-bit hash values of given messages.

HighwayHash can be used to prevent hash-flooding attacks or authenticate short-lived messages. Additionally it can be used as a fingerprinting function. Note that HighwayHash is not a general purpose cryptographic hash function (such as Blake2b, SHA-3 or SHA-2) and should not be used if strong collision resistance is required.

At Minio we have developed a native Golang repository for HighwayHash with optimized assembly implementations for both Intel and ARM platforms. We will switch over the bit rot protection that is currently relying on the Blake2b algorithm to HighwayHash.

Google repo: https://github.com/google/highwayhash code repo: https://github.com/minio/highwayhash

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