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To give you support in this, Apple still seem to be trying to hamper the LLVM project by patenting the side effects of producing various frontends to LLVM with patents like this recent one:


Every JavaScript frontend for generating IR would violate this patent (they even mention LLVM IR explicitly in this patent). Essentially Apple just patented the UCSD p-System (nothing new here and obviously plenty of prior art so this patent is totally invalid due to prior art).

The patent has only recently been published and harms anyone considering using LLVM as an intermediate between JavaScript and back-end machine specific executables.

So much for Apple not abusing its contribution to LLVM (and in particular not abusing the freedom of downstream users).

BTW: I can see this patent being used to enforce a silo of control of using LLVM for any inbrowser HTML5+JavaScript engines (i.e. a means for optimisation).

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