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Ask HN: How to get a large list of highly distributed startups
1 point by genevpd 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments
We are working the productivity tool that is most value for highly distributed / remote tech startups. To get large list of company names that we should target we are thinking about a script that will crawl jobs boards for keywords like "remote" & "distributed". Does anyone have better ideas or know of any tools that can help accomplishing that goal?

Provide advice that’s actually interesting and let them come to you (particularly for this savvy and motivated audience). Google “content marketing” for one way to do this.

If you have to contact total strangers who have never heard of your thing, you’re probably doing something incorrectly - definitely consuming way more effort and goodwill than needed, and probably wasting many recipients’ time for every one who actually cares.

We were thinking to get target companies list first and then use linkedin search to find companies where we have good 2nd degree connections.

To provide some more context, we are searching for our first private beta batch and we have've got some good leads from 1st degree connections, but we may exhaust them soon. With the number of 2nd & 3rd degree connections it is much harder to target the right people/companies.

Knowing our state, would you still advice us to invest in content vs exploiting 2nd & 3d degree connections to get first customers?

Thanks for your help!

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