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Show HN: You can now mine for Pizza in your browser (mineapizza.com)
9 points by edencoder 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

I honestly may have tried to mine the pizza but there is no info about how I'd actually get my 'za so... I left.

It's still being put together, we have an order form now if you want to give it a shot

what brand is the pizza? do i get a coupon or like, do you have to know my mailing address for delivery?

i've registered and logged in, how to I "invite friend to help me mine for pizza" as the header says?

thanks i love it

Coupon is probably the easiest route I reckon.

Pizza is fully transferable (though you'll have to wait for a UI for that) so you friends will be able to send you their Pizza. We are also thinking about a short link that will allow you to get them to directly mine your pizza.

Presumably we’re mining for a pizza for the site owner?

Once you hit 1 pizza, you can trade that for a pizza voucher. Though I may make that form visible when you don't have 1 pizza minimum also.

Not trying to knock you. I think it's a fun idea, and I think you've got a decent shot at making some good money. But isn't this just costing the av rage user way more in electricity than just buying a pizza?

very cool. how did you come up with idea?

Well while trying to get our vape-shop startup off the ground we considered the idea of having a page where you can mine a vape, and this evolved into the more achievable "mine a pizza"

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