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Show HN: Making a bike route of every road in Atlanta (highcube.org)
57 points by durkie 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 20 comments

This is really great. I biked every street in the city of St. Louis, but I definitely didn't optimize. For anybody interested, there is a Strava group for people who have done this or who are doing this in their own cities:


We also have a fledgling subreddit:


Only tangentially related, but I've been living in different parts of the metro Atlanta area for over 20 years and had never heard of most of the areas of town that the article references. I guess people who were born here may be more familiar with those areas.

Funny. My grandparents moved into one of those neighborhoods (Peoplestown) ~1920. I remember eating figs and pecans from the trees they planted and nurtured.

It’s amazing when you walk those streets — abandoned train tracks, memorials to Black churches burned during the Jim Crow era, artwork long abandoned. For all it’s lack of design at least the city still has immense green space.

Moved to ATL in 2002. There are a great number of intown neighborhoods, many with their own park/square. And many with their own cultural quirks.

Since I have lived exclusively ITP, I would be fairly lost on the details of OTP neighborhoods.

> I guess people who were born here may be more familiar with those areas.

Not really. Spent first 23 years of life there. The whole car culture killed my ability to serendipitously encounter many of these various areas.

It might be that he cycles and has more time to notice the areas? I know from my own cycling I'll often chose routes that Ive not been before just to see whats there?

Me too! There's all kinds of weird tiny neighborhoods around that I've never heard of until I started this

I wrote a Chinese-Postman solver, if anyone is interested: https://github.com/supermitch/Chinese-Postman

It "absolutely" solve the network, so at the moment couldn't solve a network even remotely that big, but it's a fun little project.

Sorry for the self-promotion but my recent related project: http://bbischof.com/articles/the-route-to-the-top-100/

Hey Brian! It's all good...graphing bikers unite!

It would have been interesting to apply the model to -


The obvious question is when are you going to embark on your journey?

Really cool. You should check out https://www.westsidefuturefund.org/ for and share your story at a meeting.

Oh cool! Thanks for the tip -- will do!

@durkie, do you know of any organizations similar to concrete jungle in other areas? I'd love to participate in something similar. But I live in New England.

Did I understood it correclty that nobody drove this 4300 miles but instead it's just a proposal? I'm somewhat disappointed ;-)

Not yet! I just made the route in December

Hey durkie, it was pretty cool to open the link and see the route was entered into our site :) I appreciated the photos, hopefully I see a logged ride uploaded for this one day!

Thanks! Mind if I send you a few suggestions/feature requests? Doing these weird routes has brought up some small things...

Absolutely - cullen@ridewithgps.com. Perfect timing, we are planning route planner and route show page improvements right now.

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