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Show HN: TensorFlow-Resources – Organized and Useful Resources about TensorFlow (github.com)
152 points by irsina 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

This view seems incomplete and problematic:

The strong advantage of TensorFlow is it flexibility is designing highly modular model which also can be a disadvantage too for beginners since lots of the pieces must be considered together for creating the model. This issue has been facilitated as well by developing high-level APIs such as Keras and Slim which gather lots of the design puzzle pieces. The interesting point about TensorFlow is that its trace can be found anywhere these days.

I'm feeling TF is getting left behind compared to PyTorch. Dynamic graphs is a powerful thing. It's also kind of sad Keras is not yet supporting PyTorch.

TF has TF Eager in latest version (1.5)

Though when comparing a same model code written in Pytorch, TF Eager imperative code feels verbose and bit cluttered as if it is written in Java.

There are dynamic graphs in tf eager.

Are all those animated gifs are absolutely necessary there? What kind of purpose do they serve?

Welcome to millennial-speak: emojis and gifs speak “louder” than words and phrases

(I don’t agree/disagree with it’s usage. I just think of these as another form of expression)

Millennial? pffft. This style of animated gif has been around longer than Geocities.

Emojis and gifs can speak louder, when they convey meaning or entertainment. In this case, they did neither.

This is also more whatever generation is after millennial. The youngest millennials are like 20 now.

Wow thank you for sharing! One of my resolutions for the year 2018 is to build something with TensorFlow.

Great, I too am onto something similar, what do you plan to build?

Can anyone precisely describe TensorFlow in a single sentence?

It’s a framework that allows you to build a machine learning procedure by declaring the operations you want without needing to configure the process that optimized your parameters.

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