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Show HN: Rufus – a free, open source RSS reader (github.com)
53 points by jtanza 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 19 comments

Name collision with a popular usb image writer.

Surprisingly, I somehow failed to notice this until yesterday. If it becomes an issue, I am not in any way attached to the name - i'd be happy to change it.

I for one really like the name and URL and don't mind the name collision.

It's something that is bound to happen. There are a finite number of words, names, and spellings to make use of.

Not really, because it doesn't need to be a real word or an existing name. It could be Rexfus, for example. Even the dot com is available, and as a combination of Rex and Rufus, still dog inspired.

Rexfus is great!

It receives RSS Feeds, so:

  Rexfus => Receives for us.
  Rexfus => Rx       F   Us
  Rexfus => Rex      Fus
  Rexfus => Rexfus

That's way harder to pronounce.

Better now than later, because the other one is pretty famous open source cross tool.

BTW: what does that name mean?

That was me trying to be clever choosing a quintessential dog name, as the application "fetches" the paper (rss feeds) for you :D . I was playing around with the name Rover and a few others for a while as well, but went with Rufus for the cheap .news TLD

Rexfus, a combination of Rex and Rufus, is available (including the dot com) and would be easy to SEO.

Are these names somehow related to each other? Our childhood dogs (RIP) were Rex and Rufus.

I agree with Nexxxeh; Rexfus is a good choice.

  Rexfus => Receives for us.
  Rexfus => Rx       F   Us
  Rexfus => Rex      Fus
  Rexfus => Rexfus
(Same as comment above -- re-commenting here in lieu of a PM)

Maybe call it "Rufus News" or something? You get to keep the fun dog name that way.

I don't think it's an issue, but it'll be harder for your tool to be at the top of search engine results, so some rebranding might be beneficial for your visibility.

Try "Fido"?

FYI: Pluto [1] is an alternative open source feed reader (incl. support for JSON Feed, Microformats, Feed.TXT, and more)

[1]: http://feedreader.github.io

Is Tiny Tiny RSS in the same category?


:D I built myself an RSS Reader in Java too.

Also with the crusty ROME toolkit and H2, but I made a simple UI in JavaFX.

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